Q: Can I only do the practice tests on my computer?

A: No, our practice tests can also be done on tablet devices and most smart phones. We have modified our website to make it more compatible for mobile devices. This way you can work through the tests anywhere any time.

Q: What’s the difference between the normal website and the mobile version of the website?

A: The mobile version of the website only provides the following functions: ability to subscribe, access to the self practice tests, access to view the driving school directory and the ability to blow the whistle on crime.

Q: Can I choose which version I want to use?

A: Yes, if you scroll to the bottom of the website, there’s a link to choose between the mobile version or the normal version of the website.

Q: I just registered but i cannot login to my account, why is this?

A: If you have just registered, it may be that your subscription is still pending and payment has not yet been received.

Q: I am struggling to subscribe with my cellphone?

A: It may be that your mobile device is not compatible, we therefore recommend that you subscribe using a computer.

Q: The practice tests do not display on my cellphone, why is this?

A: Some mobile browsers may take a while to display the questions. Please allow approximately 10 seconds to allow the questions to load. Once the first question loads, other questions should load quicker. If the questions still don’t display, it may be because your phone is not 100% compatible.

Q: The practice tests are not displaying on my computer’s web browser.

A: Our practice tests displays best in Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. We recommend that you use / install one of these browsers to for best performance. If you are using Internet explorer and the tests aren’t displaying, click on the select compatibility view link. See image below.


Q: I’ve registered, but I cannot access the tests yet, why is this?

A: This may be because we haven’t received your subscription payment yet, please ensure to always send proof of payment, so that we can activate your account.

Q: My subscription has expired, how do I renew it?

A: If your subscription has expired, the website will automatically block you from logging in. There will however be a link on the same screen that will allow you to reactivate your account. All you need to do is select the appropriate package and and make payment. Once payment is received your account will be re-activated.


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