Driving facts

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images (6)images (7)Driving is something that nearly all of us do at one time or another and is one of the greatest causes of frustration known to humankind. I am sure we all think we are good, safe drivers and definitely better than the average person on the road.

Well, you may be surprised to know that 90% of us think we are better than the average driver!

So here is a list of some interesting facts about driving and driver behaviour, some of which might even surprise you…

  1. Drivers make 15 decisions per kilometre.
  2. Most people want texting while driving banned – but most people have done it at some time.
  3. Cars spend 95% of their time parked.
  4. The second leading cause of distraction-related crashes (behind fatigue) is drivers looking at other crashes.
  5. The most fatalities come from single cars running off the road.
  6. More pedestrians are killed on crosswalks than by jaywalking.
  7. Morning rush hour is twice as safe as evening rush hour.
  8. You have a 1 in 100 chance of dying in a car accident in your lifetime.
  9. Groups with the highest crash risk: Students, followed by doctors.
  10. People driving alone drive more aggressively than those with passengers.
  11. One study in America placed “Black Panther” bumper stickers on the cars of 15 drivers who had never received tickets. 2 weeks later the 15 drivers had amassed 33 tickets.
  12. Men honk more than women but both sexes honk at women more.
  13. For every 1 minute a highway lane is blocked, 4-5 minutes of delay are created.
  14. Driving to work alone is on average 1.5 minutes faster than all other transportation options.
  15. Trying to find the “best” parking space will not place you any closer than the “pick a row, closest space” method.
  16. Statistically, rural 2 lane roads are the most dangerous.
  17. Drivers take longer to leave a parking space when someone else is waiting.
  18. Drivers pass closer to bicyclists wearing helmets than those not wearing them.
  19. 90% of drivers think they are better than the average driver.
  20. The more time people spend driving, the incidence of skin cancer on their right side increases.