Cellular Technology and Road Safety

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Background Information

The dangers of cellular phones to road safety are well debated and documented. It is an offence to hold and use a cellphone or other electronic communication device such as BlackBerry, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) etc whilst driving. The only defense for a person charged with this offence would be where the driver has made a genuine emergency call when it would have been unsafe to stop driving to make the call.

These dangers can be summarized in short with the following notes:

Road Safety for Women Driving Alone

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Women are regarded in the insurance industry as ‘’safer” drivers and less likely to be in a road accident. Even though all motorists  need to be alert and cautious, female drivers unfortunately have to be even more vigilant in order to avoid falling prey to criminal acts such as hijacking, intimidation, sexual assault or worse. Our women drivers are still regarded as more vulnerable by most criminals.

In this section we would like to offer advice and a few precautions that could enhance the safety of all drivers – and especially our female drivers!

Preparation/ Anticipation and Prevention of Dangerous Situations

Drivers should always consider the threats and possible worst case scenarios – and plan to avoid as many of these as possible.  Precautions would include the following:


Vehicle Maintenance

  • A well-maintained car is less likely to break down – Keep your car in good mechanical condition and have it serviced regularly by a reputable garage.
  • Have a safety check done before each long trip. Even better – learn how to change a tyre, jump-start the battery, or change a wiper blade. The more you empower yourself with basic maintenance tips, the less chances of you being the damsel in distress.
  • Never run out of fuel. Get into the habit of filling when the tank’s half empty rather than waiting for the warning light.
  • Get faults diagnosed and fixed promptly rather than waiting for them to get worse or hoping they’ll go away.
  • The vehicle handbook will provide important information on specification of oil, antifreeze to use if you have to top-up etc
  • Check tyre condition and pressure regularly. Get damaged or excessively worn tyres renewed, and don’t forget to check the spare.

Plan Your Trip

  • Plan your route if the journey is unfamiliar, and keep to well-lit main roads.
  • Don’t drive after dark into areas you don’t know, if you can avoid it. It is easy to get lost, and become a target for criminal activity.
  • Drive with a decent GPS for enhanced safety, and tell someone your route, and what time you expect to arrive.
  • Always be ready in the event of a delay on the road -Ensure your cellular phone is fully charged – and invest in a car charger should you not already have one.
  • Add emergency numbers to your phone – such as that of a motoring assistance company, car insurance company etc. – See more
  Conclusion We would like to commend our female drivers on the caution they usually display on our roads. May these recommendations contribute to increased safety awareness and protection from criminals sharing our roads.

Application for a learner’s licence

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About a learner’s licence

A learner’s licence only allows you to drive when you are supervised by a licensed driver. If the category of vehicle you are driving requires a professional driving permit, the licensed driver must also hold a professional driving permit.

A learner’s licence is a permit that proves that you have basic knowledge of a motor vehicle and the rules of the road. The learner’s licence is valid for 24 months and cannot be extended.

Golden Rules for Staying Safe

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Golden Rules for Staying Safe this Holiday Season

After reporting that 60% of national and provincial roads in South Africa were in very poor condition, the Auto-mobile Association of South Africa (AA) have listed some golden rules for motorists to observe before departing on their holiday this year.

“It is important to plan your trip and if you are aware of possible delays on a particular route or the general condition of the road you are about to travel on, driver frustration can be minimized because it will be expected.  When traveling to remote areas, check with people at the point of destination what the expected road conditions you are likely to encounter and give them an approximate time of arrival – if you are delayed, let them know.

Types of Driving licence Codes

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You need a driving licence to drive legally on South African roads. Different licences are issued for the various categories of motor vehicles: Code A1:
  • This is for a motor cycle with or without a sidecar and with an engine not exceeding 125 cc. You must be at least 17 years old on the date of the test.

Every day Safety Tips when Driving

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Follow these driving tips and you’ll help reduce your risk of being involved in a crash as well as improve your personal safety as a motorist. power check When checking your vehicle, the POWER check is the easiest to remember. This stands for Petrol, Oils, Water, Electric, and Rubbers. Everything under each heading should be visually checked at least once per week.

Vehicle pre-trip Inspection

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Pre-Trip Inspection (Exterior) 1.   No oil, grease leaks or obstructions under the car. 2.   No damage to the side of the vehicle. 3.   Mirror-clean, secure and undamaged. 4.   Right side of windscreen & wiper clean, secure and undamaged. 5.   No oil, grease leaks or obstructions around the wheel. 6.   Tread more than 1mm.

Fuel Saving Tips

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Whether you drive a tiny hybrid or a SUV, chances are you can squeeze a bit more distance out of each litre of fuel – and at today’s fuel prices, an improvement of just one or two kilometres per litre can really add up. These fuel saving tips  can help you improve your car’s fuel economy and take some of the sting out of high fuel prices. Most of these tips will give you a very slight increase in kilometres per litre – but using all these tips together and the fuel kilometre age improvements will really add up.

Licence test tips

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A lot of people are so nervous before taking their drivers licence test, which is really quite unnecessary. If you have done your homework, practiced and are fully prepared, you should have no problem passing your drivers licence tests. Some people try to use different tricks they may have learned, but the best way to pass is to just be prepared.

Here are some really great tips that will help prepare you so you can easily pass your licence test:

1. Get training and lots of practice

Buying your first car

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One of the most exciting things in a young person’s life (or pretty much anyone’s life for that matter) is going out and buying that first car. Having that first vehicle gives you a sense of freedom, but there are all kinds of responsibilities that go along with that freedom. You also need to know how to protect yourself from getting a real lemon. There are a few things that you really should know about buying your first car when you live in South Africa.

 Here’s 10 tips to help you to get the car that is best for you: