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What is Learn 4 Licence?

Learn4Licence offers over 500 practice questions to help you test yourself. By successfully completing these online learners tests you will be able to pass your learners licence test with flying colors. Try out our Free Trial Test to get a sneak peek of how the site works. The website now also offers you the flexibility of being able to do the tests on your tablet device and smart phone, not just on your computer or laptop…

How do I get started?

Easy, all you need to do is
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Other Resources

Not only do we help you pass your learners, but we also offer the following services and resources
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Hear what others have to Say about Learn 4 Licence…

  • The website interface is efficient and user friendly. I loved the fact that I could practice test questions anywhere, anytime because I could access the website on my cellphone. Also what’s great about learn 4 licence is that it shows you which questions you got wrong and what the correct answer is. Even more reassuring was that I could practice the tests as many times as I needed. When I finally went to write my learners test it was so easy thanks to all the practice I got through learn 4 licence. I even finished before the allocated time! Happy customer

  • I passed my learners first time, thanks to learn4licence! Thanks guys your website really helped me. I managed to secure a date to write my learners, but wasn’t sure if I was ready or not. I registered on your site 3 weeks before my date, I worked through your questions and my learners book. I spent about 2 hours a day and soon I knew most answers. I love the fact that the site shows me which answers I got right and which ones I got wrong. I’ll be recommending your site to all my friends, it really helped me alot.

  • No one at home had the time to help me and test my knowledge and whether I was 100% ready to pass out for my learners. Fortunately, with your site, I can do it all on my own. Needless to say that I passed my learners licence test first time. Thanks You guys ROCK!

  • The learn 4 license online practice tests helped me to pass my learners in a sense that I could do quick test to see whether I was ready or not . I did 9 test in total I failed the first 2 and kept on developing with each test if it was not for the program I wouldn’t know how tricky the test really were . It definitely helped me and I don’t think I would’ve passed without it , it makes the studying fun and interesting as a posed to paging through books searching for answers. I personally think its great I would recommend it to everyone.